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PLINKE: Adiabatic Nitration

​PLINKE has developed a proprietary process for Adiabatic Nitration of Benzene to Nitrobenzene (NB). With our extensive experience in re-concentration of NB spent acid, we offer an integrated unit with both nitration and spent acid processing. The result is a very energy efficient overall process with excellent NB product quality and highly reliable Sulfuric Acid recovery process. The energy released during the chemical reaction of Benzene to Nitrobenzene is kept within the process. PLINKE's reactor is highly efficient and its small size results in small plot plan requirements and low investment cost. PLINKE offers the complete range of nitration, separation and washing steps as well as effluent gas handling.

​The PLINKE adiabatic NB process consists of major operating steps:

  • Nitration
  • Product separation
  • Washing
  • Sulfuric Acid reconcentration
  • Benzene recovery
  • Waste gas treatment

Diluted Nitric Acid of any concentration between 50 % and 68 % HNO3 can be used.




Adiabatic Nitration

Unlike the traditional process for nitration of Benzene to Nitrobenzene, PLINKE's nitration reactor is not cooled resulting in the temperature rising when flowing through the reactor. The amount of recirculated Sulfuric Acid is adjusted to keep this temperature rise within the allowed limits. The highly efficient reactor design prevents back flow and assures minimum byproduct formation. Nitrobenzene and spent acid are separated and Sulfuric Acid is re-concentrated in PLINKE's proven SAC®. Crude Nitrobenzene is sent to washing steps.​

Washing of Nitrobenzene

Crude Nitrobenzene is washed in three or four steps depending on product quality requirements and capacity. Water is recycled as much as possible and offgas is treated to recover NOx as Nitric Acid to avoid environmental emissions, reduce raw material losses and maximize product yields.

Effluent Treatment

PLINKE offers NOx Absorption technology for maximum yields and lowest environmental emissions. All nitrous gases produced are recovered as Nitric Acid using this technology. For waste water, PLINKE   collaborates with reputable specialists to provide the best treatment technology in order to comply with local regulations and available downstream treatment possibilities.