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PLINKE: Mixed Acids

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PLINKE offers separation, purification and concentration processes for Sulfuric and Nitric Acid mixtures containing organic and volatile contaminants. For spent acids from explosives manufacturing, PLINKE supplies stabilization and decomposition pretreatment units. After pre-treatment, the mixed acids can be treated using different process units depending on feed composition and desired recovered acid composition and purity.

  • Sulfuric and Nitric Acids can be separated in a Denitration DEN® Unit
  • Nitric Acid can be pre-concentrated in a NAPC® Unit
  • High concentration Nitric Acid can be obtained by using NACSAC® Technology
  • Sulfuric Acid can be concentrated in a SAC® Unit

Requirements for handling and final product quality vary for each spent acid and the final product may be re-used in the originating process or even sold to other users for different applications. PLINKE has more than 60 years of experience in safe handling of all types of spent acids and is able to conduct laboratory tests for spent acids mixtures not previously treated using one of PLINKE's processes.​            


Spent Nitration Acids

From the following nitration processes have been successfully treated and reconcentrated using PLINKE technology:

  • Nitroester (NC, EGDN, DEGDN, NG, PETN, MTN, BTTN)
  • Nitroaromatics (NB, MNT, DNT, TNT, Picric Acid, DNAN)
  • Nitroguanidine (Nigu)
  • Nitroamine (RDX, HMX)
​Safe Treatment of Explosives Spent Acids

Sensitive spent acids, such as those originated from the production of nitro esters, must be stabilized for safe handling. PLINKE DEN®, NAC® and SAC® processes are used for regeneration of such spent acids by denitration of the Sulfuric Acid and production of high concentration Nitric and Sulfuric Acids for recycling. In particular, PLINKE’s proprietary high temperature technology produces high concentration and high purity Sulfuric Acid, which can be re-used in a variety of different applications.

​Nitro Toluene Spent Acids

PLINKE is the leading supplier of plants for re-concentration of NT spent acids. In this application, a combination of regeneration of Sulfuric Acid and recovery of Nitric Acid is used in a DEN® NAC® SAC® process. Pre-treatment and stripping ensure safe destruction of unstable contaminants, as well as effective desorption of NOx and volatile organic compounds. As a result, pure Sulfuric Acid can be recycled to the nitration process.

​Effluent Water with High Acid Content Production

Processes such as Nitrotoluene (NT) or Nitrocellulose (NC) produce washing waters with significant acid content. Depending of the overall production scheme, acid rich waters can be treated together with spent acid in a DEN® SAC® unit or separately in a NAPC® unit to produce Nitric Acid at up to 68 wt% concentration.

NOx Absorption

PLINKE also offers NOx Absorption technology for maximum yields and lowest environmental emissions. All nitrous gases produced during treatment are recovered as Nitric Acid using this technology.  

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